How It Started

Paul Lee


I founded the company almost four years ago after spending the previous nine years in a unique role as an expert witness in litigation related to digital markets and technologies. On Microsoft’s behalf, my teams probed, tested, and analyzed the deepest mechanisms of the digital economy—within the context of litigation for competition law, intellectual property, and mergers and acquisitions. It was intense, high stakes work… Envision a Navy SEAL team focused on using Data-Driven Insight as its weaponry, with access to all of Microsoft’s people, data centers, and resources with a mission to WIN at nearly any cost. It was amazing opportunity, to work with Big Data years before the phrase was coined by McKinsey.

With a constant exposure to forefront of digital innovation, the single best lesson we learned is that “state of the art” is only useful if it’s put into practice—we call it the “State of the Applied Art.” We knew that we had some pretty special skills and experiences, and knew that the world would soon be facing a massive shortage in advanced data science talent.

So I founded Ecuiti to transform those skills developed into systems, methods, and platforms that could be used to help close the world’s massive skill gap. After two years inventing our Research and Development gave us tools that make our data scientist teams more than 10x faster, more insightful and more productive We began deploying virtual data science teams as a managed service two years ago, in a pilot mode, with great success in digital video advertising achieving productivity gains, significant performance improvements and serving as the catalyst for record revenue increases. We are now making the combined capabilities available to others who share a vision to be innovative leaders in their industry and a common value system for ”Value capture” from Data-Driven Insight.

We look at the world through three I’s:


The deep understanding that is the connection point between thoughtfulness and the real world.


The ability to convert insight into action.


The art and science of capturing the value created through insight and innovation in a scalable, and reliable manner.

Virtual Data Science Team


Information and Business Solutions Architects

Create blueprints for data management system to ingest and centralize data, ensuring integrity across different sources and performance.

Data Engineers

Apply Architect Design. Trusted with the responsibility of capturing, clearing, storing, and organizing the relevant data.



Analyzes and interprets data using statistical theories and methods.

Data Scientists

Uses data mining and machine learning techniques to building predictive data models and develop algorithms.


Business Analysts

Business intelligence understanding applied to real world problems.

Application/ Data Visualization Engineers

Bring the data story to life with visuals and focused areas of expertise.


Applied Analytics Manager

Sets the strategic direction, manages and orchestrates the team.

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