The Ecuiti Way is a set of guiding principles that helps create a great place to work, products, and services that are impactful, while making a big difference in the world. We are looking for people and partners who live and work similarly.


Key Values

When you ask yourself, “Should I change the world, or change myself?” What do you think? At Ecuiti, we say, “Let’s do both and let’s get started right now.”


The concept of “insight” exists because of people. At Ecuiti, we put people first—our team, our partners, our clients, and their customers. Ecuiti was founded not only to create tremendous value from digital insight opportunities for our customers, but more so to create an environment where talented people can be their best, work with confidence, value contributions each person brings, and feel appreciated for their individual strengths. Smart, hardworking colleagues foster a magnetic work environment that encourages success, not to mention fun, along the journey.


When operating at the scale of computations that we do, even slight misalignment can result in a significant detour. We believe the same is true with our company, and therefore transparency, consistency, optimism, recognition, and many other characteristics of integrity are the guideposts for how we lead ourselves, and others, to achieve tangible results that help the world innovate.


At Ecuiti, we think globally—our vision is immense: greater simplicity, clarity, and accessibility of real insights for the connected world. We are problem solvers that view challenges as opportunities and the bigger, the better. We focus on what matters. We could do what we do as employees of a single company, or simply as a consulting firm—but to have the most impact, we have chosen to take the harder course of systematizing and sharing our capability to achieve amazing results via fact based leadership. Ecuiti team members are here to—and do—make a difference every day with clients and partners who benefit from our vision.


In observing rates of change, we have come to realize the important value of rapid response to stimuli. We embrace agility, quick feedback, focus, iterative cycles of measurement, observation, and learning in everything we do. We would rather start aggressively and adjust, than wait to try to be perfect—the world keeps moving every day, so it’s best you move along with it or better yet ahead of it. As more information and connections are generated, more opportunities are created—speed is a critical factor in capturing the value created by those new opportunities.


Continuous improvement, growth, and learning are vital for anyone who strives for excellence. Innovation in thought leadership, products & services, as well as people drive positive change disproportionately. So at Ecuiti, we like to think that nothing is impossible and gravitate to tackling new and difficult challenges. We embrace first, the characteristics of innovation—being bold and different, fearless, and revolutionary. We think about new paradigms for significant change to make things better. Along the way we’ll make mistakes as well—and mistakes drive learning, because they create clear signals to make course corrections. This adaptive feedback and change through data driven learning allows us to never settle for “good enough.”

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Ecuiti Inc. - San Francisco, USA

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