The Company

Ecuiti makes sense of the world’s connected data to provide relevant and trustworthy information and tangible, practical insights to drive your business desicions.

Ecuiti is based in San Francisco and was created in August 2014 to help companies that depend on technology close the iterative innovation gap by simplifying their complicated data. Insights from Big Data and many other sources provide the ability for companies to improve many aspects of product and service development, marketing, customer service, and monetization. We know how to help companies put systems and skills in place that are instrumented to harness the insights from their data--to distill the information they need to learn faster than those who do not adapt to the challenge. The result is a shift to more insightful data-driven business decisions.

Why is Ecuiti different? Ecuiti's founding team has driven competition policy that shapes the tech industry on behalf of some of the world's leading tech driven companies. Our work in developing impactful analysis related to technology oriented antitrust and intellectual property legal matters required a greater rigor than typical Big Data analysis. This experience gave us an unmatched expertise in understanding the mechanisms that cause shifts in market share, market power, and technology adoption. This expertise allows us to understand why other data science initiatives fail to be impactful. At the same time, we have learned to be efficient and cost-effective, to avoid the pitfalls that cause Big Data projects to be unwieldy. We have shown many businesses the value of our rigorous approaches and helped them use their data to be more effective decision makers.

Our Mission

Ecuiti was conceived to drive clear insight into analysis of data. Ecuiti was designed to provide technologies, services, and approaches that will accomplish three goals:

Make data-driven insights scalable, affordable, and practical.

Leapfrog skill gaps to increase companies' abilities to drive innovation and higher performance from their products/services, marketing, and advertising.

Create a great place to work where our team members and clients can change the world one datapoint at a time..

The Founder

Paul Lee


Mr. Lee is one of the world's leading market experts in strategy, economics and competition in the online and mobile services ecosystem, including key areas of search, search advertising, online user behavior, display advertising, mobile internet, social media, analysis of big data, and privacy. He develops leading edge market, competitive and user behavioral insights from some of the world's largest "Big Data" sources. Paul provides strategy counsel to clients and guidance for government regulators with respect to online competition issues around the globe. He served as Microsoft's chief market analyst for competition issues in online services. As a master strategist in this role and for other clients, Paul's analysis contributions have spanned the highest level dynamics of industry policy to the most minute examination of user reactions to a single search keyword. This scope of study of the online space has allowed him to develop legal evidence showing mechanisms of market power, as well as strategies to help shape market outcomes. With this expanse of analytical depth across the online space, Paul has advised multiple Fortune 500 companies on many parts of the online and mobile value chain, including mergers and acquisitions, product and service innovation, marketing effectiveness, monetization, and many other functions.

Prior to founding Ecuiti, Paul was a Partner at Keystone Strategy, an economics and strategy consulting firm. His previous employers include Gartner, Scient (an eBusiness Services firm), PRTM (a management consultancy), and AT&T Bell Laboratories. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and a Masters of Science in Operations Research from Stanford University.

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Ecuiti Inc. - San Francisco, USA

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